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We are experts in defending drink driving, drug driving, failure to provide, speeding and all other driving cases. 


Welcome to NGP,  the Nelson Guest and Partners dedicated UK Driving Lawyer website. For other offences please visit our Criminal Defence Lawyer site. We are a team of highly focussed and tenacious legal experts with specialist knowledge and vast experience of defending all types of driving charges, including more serious offences such as causing death by careless driving or dangerous driving.

We know how important your driving licence is to you, so if you are at risk of losing it, either through prosecution for a driving offence or threat of revocation on medical grounds, contact us immediately to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

For more serious alleged crimes where there is the possibility of a custodial sentence, then it is even more important for you to secure expert, specialist legal representation. The stakes are too high for you to chance self-representation or to accept representation by someone who may not be specialised in the field.

√   Specialist UK motoring lawyers

√   Enviable success rate (acquittal and reduced sentence)

√   Highly qualified and experienced in all driving matters

√   Friendly, transparent and down-to-earth

√   In-depth knowledge of the complex UK driving laws

Your first discussion with us is free, without obligation and in complete confidence. We will give you an honest opinion of your options, delivered in plain speaking English options. 
Once your situation is clear to us we will provide: 

1. Our assessment of the best possible outcome given the circumstances of your case.

2. A fixed-fee quotation for our services.

Once you have instructed NGP you will be assigned a case manager from our team of experts and that manager will remain your point of contact through the duration of the legal process.

With NGP on your side you will know you have secured the very best legal representation. Whether your case is to be heard in the magistrates or Crown court you will receive the very best preparation and research for your case. Don’t delay - contact us, in confidence and without obligation, by phone on 020 8309 5010, by email, or by using the contact form.

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