Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) Driving Offences

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Originally introduced as an alternative to prosecution in the Magistrates Court for minor transgressions such as parking offences, Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) can now be issued for a wide range of motoring and other offences.


Fixed Penalty Notices, which can be issued by the police at the time of the alleged offence or subsequently sent to you by post, can be challenged, in which case the matter will be dealt with in the magistrates court. A successful outcome here could see the FCN revoked, however, once the case goes to court you also risk a more severe penalty.


Although most FPN offences are considered ‘minor’ they can still have an adverse effect on your circumstances, particularly if they mean you pass the limit of points on the top up system.


Whether for a driving-related offence or any other on the list below, if you want to challenge a Fixed Penalty Notice issued to you then you will stand a far greater chance of a successful outcome with the help of a specialist defence lawyer.


Most FPNs need to be challenged within 28 days so it is best to enlist legal help as early as possible. Contact us now.

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