Our UK Driving Law Services

Specialist driving solicitors serving London, the South East and beyond.


From relatively minor road traffic cases through to crown court defence representation in serious matters, NGP have over 25 years experience in providing dedicated motoring legal services to UK motorists. 

Our services include:

Case preparation


UK driving offences are complex matters. The statutes are often complex and their meaning often subject to conjecture.


While NGP prepare matters extremely thoroughly in terms of the requirements of the legal system, we also ensure you, the client, are kept fully briefed at all times. We will explain the evidence, the law and the processes of the legal system to you in a simple, succinct way as we prepare your defence.


Our methodology will include reviewing the facts specific to your case, ascertaining whether complex procedures have been followed and examining the possibility of procedural flaws which could potentially lead to acquittal.


Other critical stages would include case study research (difficult to source without specialist experience as driving cases are often case-specific), the taking of witness statements and, where appropriate, or securing the professional testimony of one of the expert witnesses on our extensive register. This is all in addition to the most important statement, the detailed proof of evidence we will help you to provide.


Decision making throughout the legal process is critical, for example with our ascertaining whether evidence can be accepted or rejected by the defence. NGP have extensive experience in all these disciplines. We also endeavour to make sure all evidence is served in the correct format in order that its admissibility is not in question when the eventual trial takes place.


You will be assigned an office-based point of contact throughout your case, making communications easy and seamless.


We assign an office based point of contact so that liaising with them becomes straightforward. We also strive to ensure that all evidence is served in the correct format in order that its admissibility is not in question when the eventual trial takes place.


Court Attendances and Trials


Detailed and thorough case preparation is imperative before court attendance. The court will often preclude a defendant from relying on a defence that has not been raised at administrative hearings and we are approached by many defendants who, not appreciating the courts’ strict stance on these matters, got into difficulties at trial by attempting to navigate these processes alone. 


NGP believe the case management hearing is just as important as the trial itself, given that the case management issues are almost always directly referred to by the court as a predominant factor in their decision making. Attempting this stage without professional legal assistance will almost certainly put the defendant at a disadvantage.


Following your appointing NGP to represent you we would look after this crucial stage, agreeing any statements that we believed would not be detrimental to your case and dealing with all evidence detailing which witnesses were required and the reasons why, whilst additionally noting the relevant statute which is applicable to your case.


For further explanation of these legal processes and to discuss the circumstances of your case, please contact us as early as possible. Our first chat will be free of obligation and in complete confidence. Doing so will give you the best possible chance of a fair outcome in court.

See the range of offences we can assist you with here.

For brief definitions of common driving law terms please see our glossary page.

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