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Speeding is a common motoring offence just about any driver can find themselves charged with. and while in some cases it can be considered a comparatively minor transgression, there are circumstances in which both the offence and the penalty can turn out to be extremely serious.

Speeding on a UK motorway can carry a fine of up to £2500 plus six points on your licence and a period of disqualification. Even a more minor conviction can have significant negative impact on your life should it push you penalty points over the 12 point limit, leaving you potentially without your driving licence.

UK speeding laws can be complex and as such strict means of detection and proving offences is essential. Sometimes it can be these strict rules that can afford means to a defence. This chart shows the UK limits and the discretionary tolerances recommended by The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC):

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When you factor-in the many procedural rules the police and prosecutors must abide by, the calibration and correct use of the detection equipment (speed cameras, lasers, radars etc.) and in some cases, potential mitigation defence, it becomes evident that not every speeding case is straightforward.


If your licence is at risk then contact specialist driving lawyers NGP. An initial chat will cost you nothing and, depending on the circumstances of your case, there may well be ways our specialists can help you, either with a pending case or by appealing an existing sentence.

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