What recent NGP clients have said:


"...my son is relieved that he can now put this matter behind him. He was truly impressed with Ross’ tenacity and dogged determination within the Court room to ensure that justice was served. "


"I found Ross was giving me his honest opinion and I felt confident that if I was to have a chance of winning the case it was down to me choosing Ross to assist me in this. His expertise in this area and general knowledge altogether made the difference for me. I feel like if this had of been another solicitor I would not have been so fortunate."


"I would just like to say a massive thanks to Nelson Guest for representing me on a recent driving charge where I thought my licence would be taken from me... I am happy to say I drove home from court with a smile on my face and pleased with the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend Nelson Guest... Thanks again for all of your help". 

"The first hearing made me realise when going into court that you need someone fighting your corner. Nelson Guest got me the result that I wanted. It's all down to how much your lawyer will work for you and Nelson Guest gave me 110%. Thank you."

"A really friendly service was provided and each time I used them I got the result that I wanted. I was really impressed."

"I found Nelson Guest to be really good. I found all aspects of them good. In particular they are always very thorough, helpful and caring. I wouldn’t use any one else. Ever."

"Nelson Guest is a really good firm and I am so pleased with how they have treated me and my son. Everyone has treated me so well. I always got the advocate that I wanted and I would choose them if we were in this position again."

“Nelson Guest have got me through some difficult times. They have worked hard to get cases dropped against me, which were brought unfairly. I would always use them.”

"Nelson Guest is a good firm. I have used them before and have always had excellent results. They tell me how it is, they tell me straight and keep me informed. I’m currently using them and will continue to do so." 

We value our reputation. Many of our commissions come from referrals and personal recommendations from previous clients.

We always welcome feedback from our clients, past and present.

Please contact us at enquiries@ngps.biz


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Get your FREE Consultation

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